No, not everyone has/wants to reclaim the slur queer. By using it as a blanket term you are forcing others to reclaim a slur that they could have thrown at them everyday, and I think that's really insensitive of you.


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i’ve never heard of anyone being upset by an lgbtqia person using that word so ty for bringing that to my attention and i’ll refrain from using it as a blanket term in the future


delays easter brunch to take selfies

i thought you were lesbian?


i still id as a lesbian even though im w a boy

who's Ella Kristi and tim


kristi is a manager where i work + ella is her dog + tim is my boyfriend

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Why do you use queer as a blanket term for gay or lgbt (see: you post about straight girls kissing on tv) when it's still considered a slur and a lot of lgbt+ people have issues with it?


bc queer is a word that has been/is being reclaimed